What is the purpose of our life?

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We did not start our life thinking of a purpose. When we were kids we use to live for the treats we would get after doing things right. A chocolate, an ice cream or a remote controlled car, for some richest kids perhaps it would be a hug, words of appreciation and lots of love. Life was simple! The nature of our existence at that phase was ‘directed’. Our parents, elders and teachers played an important role that time. As we grew up we became elders of our young ones, the hand that was taking, started to give. The mind that was enjoying the journey sitting on the passenger seat has now taken the wheel in control. In front, it can see 100 different directions with 1000 different possibilities and endless ways to get there…

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Sometimes the availability of choices makes life harder! Sitting on the passenger seat we come to realise our strengths, our potential. We are not confused of what we are but what we can be! Because we know there are endless possibilities to it. Taking a decision at this point is no doubt very hard, it sometimes may even depress you. At the core of your soul there is something that wants to be the best of all, wants to do the absolute worthy thing in life. This is what makes you feel frustrated when you are doing a 9 to 5 and get irritated by the orders of your boss, this is what makes you feel consumed when you get a promotion and go abroad leaving that idea in the backyard to eat dust. That feeling of ‘I deserve better’ kills you inside. So what to do? Leave that job? Say no to that promotion? Sit home and figure out the possibilities of what you can do in this life?

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Sitting and analyzing things that will work out best for you and selecting one from it is not a good option, it will take a lifetime or even more, imagination has no limits. Some of you have taken a good decision of ‘thinking on the way’ that is you are doing something productive than sitting home but it’s not as productive as your ‘yet to decide ambition’. It is a good decision, you get to sit on the passenger seat one more time and could even grow your skills and realize your hidden potential better.

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These things are shallow for a person who knows what to do and is dedicated for it.

The person with a purpose has fire within him, he knows what needs to be done, whether or not he his capable of, whether or not he has the potential, whether or not there is any possibility of success. He knows it needs to be done. He might not sit on the passenger seat again, he might even get down of his vehicle and build a freaking rocket and fly beyond everyone else’s vision! He knows even if he fails he will fail above everyone else’s success! And there is a hell lot of knowledge as a result. No loss, a complete win!

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You see the level?

We just see what is presented before us, we just do what can be done, but what about going beyond? When Steve Jobs felt a need for touch screens on smartphones, did anyone else felt the need? But who is using it now? When Thomas Edison felt a need for a bulb did anyone else felt it? But who is using it now? Do you think education got them the idea? No, it wasn’t in the syllabus. So, did they research the market and asked people? No, it was not even a flying thought in anyone’s head! There are several examples that can be mentioned but get the idea of it; It’s all inside you! Anything is possible, if you feel a need for something, don’t search for it in this universe, create it! You owe it if you know it!

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Not telling you to become an entrepreneur (surely do it if you feel), but get the essence of being at a level beyond your level. You know what you have to do! Sit down, relax, cry if you want, empty yourself with any impressions the world has let on you, the way you see yourself because of others, any mindset that is stopping you from becoming formless, remove every other thing. And be you. Carry on with your life, but at any point in life you feel you deserve better – Stop! Do what you deserve, you will need to do this, its called – not settling for less than what you deserve! Keep thinking high, be patient, listen to your heart, reach the level beyond your level.

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  1. When the answers of – who you are, what you are doing and why you are doing, make you feel complete and happy, then the life will deserve you! Don’t stop until you reach that point! Reaching that point is the purpose of your life! What you do after reaching there is a gift you get for reaching there, unpacking that gift is your privilege. Do it gracefully…

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Life is so beautiful, isn’t it…?

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