What do we do during Sankranti



What do we do during Sankranti

What do we do during Sankranthi?┬áBonding with family and cherishing until next year. Yeah! The Families reunion time has come.Sankranthi is one such festival which is celebrated across Andhra Pradesh with their complete family. People throng back to their native villages to celebrate this traditional festival. Metro’s and cities become empty during these 3 days of the festive season.
It is that time of the year when the Shopping is on a full swing with different varieties of clothing, Buying gifts for families back home.


Happy Bhogi

At dawn, people light a bonfire with wood and other things at home, which are meant to be discarded. This day symbolically indicates to sacrifice materialistic things and believe in actual attachments. The cleansing process of home and hearts with Bhogi fire is an age-old tradition.


Happy pongal

the Big day of the Festive season, when the family congregates at one place with loads of fun. People from around the globe head back home to celebrate the “Pandaga” with parents and relatives.
The true meaning of Pongal is, boiling rice with fresh milk and jaggery added in newly bought earthen pots during the early morning. This marks the old traditions followed by our ancestors.


kanuma festival sepcial

The third day of the festival is Kanuma, This is when the Cows and cattle used for the farming are worshiped. They are decorated with flowers and fed. It is to show respect to the cattle for working hard in the fields and yielding good Food year long.

Family Reunions

It’s a great time of the year where families throng to their villages to meet up for this festival.
Large ancestral homes are abuzz with children and youngsters visiting their grandparents, sharing their experiences and life details to their fellow mates. Such reunions are great to keep in touch with their family in person at least once a year.

Traditional Dresses

One of the reasons we wait for a festival is to buy new clothes and flaunt around. People prefer to wear ethnic dresses during these three days.
Ladies are decked up with jewelry and Pattu sarees with garlands decorated in hair, young girls in their traditional attires of parikini, Salwar and men in their ethnic Pancha and kurta make the atmosphere truly colorful. Oh, wait!! don’t forget to click pictures with your new clothes.

Sankranti Delicacies


How can a Festival be complete without good food??
Homemade delicacies by all the ladies.. and you eat, eat and eat soo much.
Every single day has new varieties of food cooked at home.
The kitchen is filled with ladies in the house, preparing the yummy food for the family.
You name it and it is on your plate, yes!!
Mealtime thaali is filled with traditional food which you cannot deny on eating.
Pulihora, dhaddojana, boorlu, gaarlu, Pongal , payasam and a lot of homemade sweets are served.
Well, Keep your diet on hold for these three days and let your taste buds relish the actual flavors of Food.


The entrance of the home is decorated with muggu or rangoli. Big muggu are made by the group of ladies at home. They decorate it with colors and arrange lumps of cow dung known as gobbemma along with fresh grains and flower petals over it. It is a ritual to welcome prosperity to home and bestowed with happiness.

Kite Flyingkites

Flying kites has become a tradition not just in Andhra Pradesh but across India too. It is one such activity which is favorite for boys. There are different types and sizes of kites and threads sold in the market and few kids prefer making them at home using their creativity. The sky is full of colorful kites at this time.


Haridasulu singing devotional songs is an age-old Sankranthi tradition and just as they used to and still go around villages, in Visakhapatnam the crooning of one is a common thing now. They invoke auspicious beginnings and seek Diksha or offerings.
Men in Pancha with a pot overhead and a nadaswaram in hand go about the streets singing devotional songs. Their crooning marks the auspicious beginnings and they seek Diksha or offerings.


Gangireddulu is often seen during Sankranthi.The Ox is decorated with floral and worn clothes. They perform playful antics for the music played. children wait for their appearance excited.

Do let us know what are the things you do during Sankranthi this year.

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