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Trick Yourself Into Sleeping Early

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The early bird catches the worm, Some people are naturally morning people, but many of us struggle to wake up early. You’d want to know the ways to make you a happy morning person? You just found the right post, trick yourself into sleeping early.!
Here we Go.
We have some tricks to sleep peacefully at night.

Take a shower: 

Trick Yourself Into Sleeping early- shower

A quick shower post your daily activities cleanses your body and makes you feel refreshed. After a hectic day, your brain gets active with warm water showered on the body.

Plan your meal: 

Trick Yourself Into Sleeping early-food

Finish your dinner at least 3 hours of your bedtime.Eat fewer carb foods, avoid sweets and chocolates, drinking coffee or tea before heading to bed. Prefer eating roti, a handful of rice with some vegetarian sabzi. Since post-dinner, you will not have much activity to do and non-vegetarian food takes a whole lot of time to digest and can affect your sleep.

Brush your teeth: 

trick yourself into sleeping early

Dentists have been suggesting to brush twice a day, but how many of us are actually in it? The food we chew and eat all through the day remains in the cavities and we do not even realize that brushing up teeth post-dinner keeps your mouth refreshed for the next day as well. Toothaches are common during the night, it’s because of leftovers in the mouth.

Organise your Bed:

trick yourself into sleeping early-bed

Sleeping on a hygienic and nicely smelling bed will be relaxing and puts you to sleep easily. A Messy bed is a big NO-NO. Change your pillow covers at least thrice a week, which is good for your hair and skin. Follow a healthy routine by moisturizing your body and applying night creams. These rituals help you give a glowing and healthy skin.

Read a Book ritual:

trick yourself into sleeping early-reading book

Reading before bed prepares your body for sleep and helps separate your mind from the stress of hectic days. Reading a book before bed has been inculcated by many parents during our childhood. But, thanks to the growing technology and smartphones, We rely more on media devices than holding a book. So, turn off all your media devices, pick a book from your desk and start. Reading habit helps to fall asleep faster and have a higher quality of sleep through the night.

Pray before you sleep:

trick yourself into sleeping early-pray

Talking to God before heading to bed is a wonderful way to keep stress out of your mind. It not only renews your faith but keeps you connected to God as well, which is good for a person physically and emotionally. Praying to God helps you see all the good things happened in your day and be thankful for it.

Keep away phone for at least 30 minutes before sleep:

trick yourself into sleeping early-mobile

The light emitted out of mobile phones is registered in our brain and keeps us awake for no less than 1 hour, recollecting the posts we went through on social media and text messages. This may lead to depression or anxiousness in our brains making us an Insomniac.

Place your Mobile phone away:

trick yourself into sleeping early- mobile away

Mobile apps and social media is active round the clock. Text messages keep running on our phones the whole day. It is advised not to keep our smartphone underneath the pillow, as it gives out harmful radiations. Keep your mobile devices a little away from reach.

let natural light:

Let the natural light enter your room, the moonlight which enters the room gives you a pleasant and soothing lighting which keeps the room calm and serene. By allowing natural light to enter the room, you don’t have to set the horrific sounding alarm and just by Sun’s Good morning gestures you may wake up.

So, Trick yourself to sleep early and keep active the whole day!

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