Top Trending TV Shows Of 2017


Top Trending TV Shows Of 2017

The year is about to end and throughout the year we came across many iconic TV moments from our favorite shows. People love to talk about their favorite shows on social media, you can see Facebook and twitter flooding with fan theories related to these TV shows. There are hundreds of TV shows coming out every month throughout the year. There have been a lot of new releases this year along with sequels of your favorite shows coming out after years of wait in some cases. With TV shows, there is always a lot to choose from, whether you like action, romance, thrillers or just plain old drama, there is always something for you on television. This year have seen a lot of good releases, new and sequels, I am a big TV show buff and according to me, these are the top 10 TV shows from 2017, which you should definitely check out.

1. Lucifer


Being ‘The devil’ is no easy task, torturing crooked souls in the fierce heat of hell must be really tiring. So, when he decides to take a break and party, where can he go other than Los Angeles – The City of Angels. Meet Lucifer Morningstar, owner of a nightclub, Consultant for local law enforcement. Life doesn’t just remain the same when the Satan himself walks the earth.

2. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

This is an animated show for the adults (smarter adults) by the adults. What happens when a simple Housewife meets her long-lost father, who happens to be an evil genius scientist wanted in several galaxies. He likes to cause trouble and put on a show, what could go wrong when an evil genius grandfather goes on adventures through space and time with his not-so- genius grandson. This show contains a lot of adult humor and science stuff.

3. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Now, this is a show which needs no introduction, if you haven’t heard about Game of Thrones, you must be living under a rock. The frenzy around this show is just crazy. The fan theories of this particular show just don’t know any boundaries. The action, the betrayals, the sex and weddings, all make this show a must watch. And yes… brace
yourselves “WINTER IS COMING”

4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

A relatively new entry to the showbiz, this Netflix original is now a fan favorite. After a year of wait, Netflix released Season 2 of the show this year and it didn’t disappoint the fans. The adorable cast of new generation superstars and the Mysteries of the upside- down makes for one of the most thrilling show of the year. The kids in the TV series will
show immerse bravery and spirit of undying friendship and love, which will melt your heart. The bond between a mother and son, between brothers, friends and just a guy who lost her small daughter, taking care of a small girl (eleven) is a joy to watch.

5. Black Mirror

black mirror movie

Advancement in technology is happening at a very fast pace, a scaring and frightening fast pace. This TV series presents us with the darker possibilities with the growth intechnology. Every episode shows a different story on how the things made for our benefit are the main reason causing us problems, it presents us with the situations which really questions how us humans are different from a computer written program or more than our Facebook followers.

6. Mindhunter


This show is set up in the 1970s, two FBI Agents expands criminal science by studying the minds of the deranged psychopaths. The story revolves around the psychology of a serial killer. The study involves these FBI Agents getting uneasy close to all these monsters and hear them describing their killings and what really was going inside their minds. These studies changed the criminal sciences, it helped to profile and catch killers and keep watch on potential suspects.

7. The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

This is the story of a Doctor with photographic memory and genius level intellect, he is a good person who wants to help other but he is Autistic. It’s a challenge altogether to live a life being autistic, but to be a good doctor with this disability is going to be hard. But with a good, pure heart and a strong will, Shaun Murphy will become a Good doctor, indeed.

8. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

Have you heard of ‘The butterfly effect’? When a butterfly flaps its wing it causes a chain of events which can result in a storm miles away. As unusual as it sounds, this story tells us about the realities of the suicide of a girl. Through the season there are a lot of victims and culprits with a very thin line keeping them apart. Suicide is never the answer, in this case, you will see the conditions leading a girl to take her own life, could she be saved, If something happened a little different, if….

9. The Gifted

the gifted

A world in which mutants are branded as terrorists, young mutants which are unable to control their powers are considered threats and locked away in prison. When a prosecutor, who detains such mutants for a living and believes that he is doing right, what happens when he finds out his own children are mutants and being hunted by the government.

10. The Flash

The Flash

This show is in its 4 th season and going strong with a good fan following, A Forensic investigator, Barry Allen, struck by lightning during a particle accelerator explosion. He is now the fastest man on the planet, with his friends at star labs and Central City Police Department, he fights crime and catches metahumans which have powers due to the same reason as him but decides to misuse them. He discovers his power involves time travel and time manipulation. He is the fastest man alive, he is The Flash.

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