What is programming? Why to bother knowing about it?

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If you are not an IT student or have never been around computers or have never bothered to take enough interest to know what is it then it is the time! Really! Not because it is just important but it is taken as something “over complicated”, only geeks can do it and only the people in the field should know about it, no! We are totally dependent on technology, we use whatsapp, we use facebook, we use browsers and every other thing you use for productivity is somewhere or somehow related to tech, and programming is the right hand.

How does it really work?

Binary code

Programming is nothing but a set of instructions given to the computer in the language it understands. First of all if you are really new to computer science stuff, get to know that the computer only understands “1” and ”0” which is called binary numbers. This set of instructions can be given in this format alone, for example if you wanted to type “Cake” you can give the instructions in binary as |01000011|01100001|01101011|01100101|00001101 Doesn’t look much convenient right? This is the reason why computer scientists invented programming languages, these languages are created in such a way that the human would also be able to understand and comprehend it. For example print(“Cake”) will do the same thing as the binary code did, but it’s very much convenient to read and write and most importantly both – the computer and the human can understand it.

Programming is really helpful, not only to the people in IT careers but the people in general too. Suppose you have a job where you are supposed to visit a website, open the contact page and take the email id and contact number on that page and write it in the excel sheet. This can be done with the help of programming. Yes! From opening the browser to visiting the website to filtering the email id and contact numbers to copying that data and pasting it in the excel sheet in proper columns!!! Isn’t it magical to see this happening with just a click after making the program that does these things?

Benefits of learning to program

Benefits of learning to program

  1. You get to know about how computers work.
  2. You can do the work in less time – Incredibly fast!
  3. It is a great skill to know, highly appreciated by hirers as it shows IQ level.
  4. You can automate the boring things.
  5. You can make games and creative stuff that can actually prove to be important to the world.
  6. You can improve your mind at analytical level, your brain will improve
  7. You will be able to solve big problems by cutting them down to small ones.
  8. You can create new gadgets like calculator, spell checker to even drones.
  9. You feel like you have a super power!

Programming is fun, it is a great way to get indulged into such thing and create something great with its knowledge. You will never know until you get your hands on it!

Tell us if you are interested in learning programming in comments below. Tell us what would like to create using this super power of programming.

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