How to Prepare Carrot Halwa

how to prepare carrot halwa or gajar halwa
how to prepare carrot halwa or gajar halwa

Carrot Halwa Preparation

1. Carrot (grated) 1 Cup(200 ml)
2. Milk 1 Cup
3.Water Half Cup
4.Ghee 3 tsp
5.Sugar 3/4 Cup
6.Cashew, Kiss-miss and Almond For garnishing
7.Vanilla Essence 1 tsp(optional)

 How to Prepare Carrot Halwa / Gajar Halwa?

1. First Grate the Carrot and Keep it a Side, Take a pan and Boil the Carrot in Water until it soften.

grated carrot
Grated carrot

2. Then take another pan and heat the ghee in it. Fry the Almonds, Cashew and Kissmiss

3. To the remaining ghee add the milk and Sugar and boil it.

4. When Boiling Milk and Sugar add Carrot Mixture into it and Stir it until Halwa comes deep reddish color.

5. Then add Some Almond, Kaju and Kiss-miss, and mix all together.

6. Take it into serving bowl and garnish with kaju and Kiss-miss.


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