Lissa 3d Thriller Horror Movie Review

Lissa 3d Thriller Horror Movie Review

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Title: Lissa

Director: Raju Viswanath

Producer: Suresh Kondeti

Cast: Anjali , Yogi Babu, Mime Gopi

Music Director: Santosh Dhayanidhi

Cinematographer: P G Muthiah

Rating: 3.3/5


Anjali is back with another film called Lisaa. She loses her father in her young age and she was bought up by her mother she completes her studies and wants to settle in US but she thinks about her mother she was alone she asks her mother to come with her but her mother doesn’t show any interest going to US she leaves her mother with her grand parents and in US she falls in love with Rahul she tries to convince her mother but she tells her she suffers a lot by falling in love. Finally Lisaa convinces her mother and she go to her grand parents to hill station along with her boyfriend to convince her grand parents. But there’s something wrong with her grand parents some elements evoke more fear. Lisaa gets into lots of trouble. what is that trouble . And how does she come out from all those troubles is all the film.

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