Kangana Ranaut's Strong Counter to Krish

Kangana Ranaut’s Strong Counter to Krish

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Kangana Ranaut is creating headlines with her new film Manikarnika. From the past few days, director Krish has been openly stating that he has directed most of the film and Kangana is taking away all the credit. She said that she is the director of the film and did what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do. It is the right that she earned by working over 10 years and Winning public appreciation and National Awards and she had to go through all this too. So, there is no use of crying in media, she pointed out. 


Manikarnika director Krish blasts Kangana


She also said Krish left all the creative responsibility of the film in her hand before leaving for NTR and she did what was right for the film and now there is no point making such statements in public. Manikarnika producers took me as a lead to market the film and as it is my film, they are my decisions. Now, the film is done and no use in crying in media and by attacking me, you can’t get to a position that I am in. It is not perogative action on their part. She also recollected that even she came from a humble background and many of her roles were chopped. So, one has to go through all the struggles to be on the top and Krish should stop damaging the film and move on.

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