JaiLavaKusa | Evil Jai’s Hot Romance

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Most of the times in our movies, only heroes will be romancing heroines while villains will either try to force heroines or have their own item girls.

Treading on the same path, it is expected that both Lava and Kusa characters in Jr NTR’s triple action bonanza #JaiLavaKusa will have a lady each to romance, and evil-laced Jai character will not have any. But it seems like that assumption is wrong.

If the recently released picture from Jr NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa is anything to go by, one of the most negative characters played by NTR in the film is romancing dusky mallu beauty, Nivetha Thomas. Though everyone expected both the good-NTR characters to romance Rashi Khanna and Nivetha respectively, it looks like the idea inside is different.

Look at that piercing on the ear of NTR in this picture and then the twirled moustache as well. It’s Jai with Ravanasura shades who is appearing quite dapper and doing a hot romance with Nivetha, who seems to have upped her sex appeal. Till date she flaunted only her homely looks, saying that she’s not a glamour material, but it looks like she started transforming into a diva-type heroine now.

Going by some other leaked pics, it looks like Lava Kumar is romancing Rashi Khanna, while Playboy and cunning like Kusa didn’t have a heroine in the film. And that means Kusa will feature in that item number that has Tamanna shaking her hip!!


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