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Interview with Amala, on Journey with Science Utsav


science utsav in vizag

Interview with Amala, a Young Business Woman in town.

What is your educational Qualification?

I completed B.tech Aerospace engineering.

What made you choose Vizag to establish your business?

I am From Visakhapatnam and I very well know about the people of our city. So, I thought it will start from my hometown to help and make science a Utsav in Vizag.

What does Science Utsav offer to the kids?

ScienceUtsav offers separate Year Long Programs for different age groups of kids. There are multiple modules and innovative programs to keep the kids enthusiastic in learning science. Our programs are designed by the dedicated team, who have a great experience in conducting science summer camps, curriculum-based programs at school, fun workshops and science clubs. The Projects are fun to play and easily understandable for our kids, and at the end of the day- a finished model is ‘Taken Home’ with joy.

What are the goals of Science Utsav?

5E’s are the main goals of science Utsav and to make kids ask

Is there a global presence of Science Utsav?

We have a great support team for the franchise needs and also we have contacts across different countries and we are working to reach out to kids across the globe.

What are your responsibilities?

Our first and foremost responsibility is to Nurture the kid, care is taken on every kid to make him learn and understand the concepts in the easiest ways.
We abide by the franchise’s system and operations,
Manage the success and growth of the franchise,
Marketing and upholding the brand’s image

What made you choose this as a profession?

I believe that the education system has changed a lot compared to my childhood. There are sophisticated technologies coming up to teach kids around. But, my personal opinion is, the child is very delicate and sensible and they get attracted by fun and play. So, I decided upon taking up this as a challenging profession where I get to meet a lot of kids from various backgrounds and teach them playfully the concepts of science.
It gives me immense satisfaction every single day when the child makes a project successfully.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

The first step is to believe in yourself and start working. Start with
Proper planning, being punctual to your job, dedicated and work hard till you reach the destination.

With children of different backgrounds and age groups being a part of the sessions, How do you build a rapport with the child?

Yes, that is the most challenging job for us. Our team is well trained and we are very good at talking to kids and befriends. It takes maximum two days for us to build a rapport.
Some kids are very active and some kids keep calm. We get along with them slowly and enter their comfort zone to begin the concepts of science. And, once they are comfortable with us, they excel in the work and enjoy the experiments.

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