how to make home made chocolates

How to Cook Home Made Chocolate Recipe | Chocolate Preparation

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how to make home made chocolates


Milk Powder – 350 Grams

Water – 150 ml

Sugar – 2 Cups

Cocoa Powder – 3 tablespoon

Butter – 5 tablespoon or as per needed

Walnuts – Few

Raisins (Endu draksha)- Few

Almonds – Few


How to Make Chocolates in Home?

Firstly Take Milk Powder of 3 Cups and add cocoa powder of 3 spoons into it and Mix it well. Keep aside

Now we need to prepare Sugar Syrup., Take Sugar in vessel and Pour Water into it. and Keep it on the Stove

Boil until the sugar syrup reaches string consistency. Turn off the flame.

Add Powder Mixture over the hot sugar syrup along with butter. Mix it well

keep on stirring the sugar syrup while adding the powder mixture.

Then, add the chopped almonds, walnuts and raisins to it. Mix it well.

Take a Plate and Pour the Entire Mixture by applying butter or Ghee .

Refrigerate it for 12 hours.

Then, cut it into pieces and Serve the Yummy Yummy Chocolates.

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