Happy December

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Days are smaller and nights are long.. We often hear this by the time its December.Bidding farewell to the bygone year to welcoming the glee of the upcoming year.
December brings lots of colors and joys in our lives. The month begins by welcoming winter, with the temperature going down and clouds passing by with cold breeze gesturing helloes.

The Two main events which are celebrated by the world are Christmas and New Year.


merry christmas
December rings in with Christmas, celebrated all over the world, where our friends and family deck up their homes with Christmas trees, Big Bright star, and colorful lights. The auspicious day is celebrated by cutting mouth-watering cakes and filling up the platter with lots of sweets, fruits, and chocolates.
Kids wait for their secret Santa to bring in gifts for them and hand a sock to the Christmas tree, hoping for Santa to come from the rooftop.


New Year has slowly become a popular festival celebrated by everybody, irrespective of their religions.Unwrapping the fortune in the coming months, the last day of the calendar month is spent partying, family reunions, meet up with dear ones, family, and friends. Malls, restaurants, and recreations run till late night offering delicacies. By the time Clock ticks 12’O clock. The new year is welcomed with lots of Happiness and gaiety. This is one of the favorite events when people wait for all around the year to welcome the year.
So, Here we hint you to prepare the to-do list for making December merrier.



  1. Plan to meet up your old friends and cousins, who you barely meet the whole year.
    Put up party theme and dress code for invitees, Ask them to come up in colorful attires.
  2. Organise house party and self-cook local cuisines with your pals.
  3. Play board games and play with pets
  4. Outdoor sports are the centripetal point for many youngsters, gear up playing the sport and let ladies watch by cheering for their loved ones.
  5. Let youngsters in the hall showcase their talents such as singing, dancing, and mimicry etc. Which would help them out of stage fear and gives immense confidence to improve their talents.
  6. Meet New people around the party and make friends, social gathering bring in a lot of information and networking.
  7. Arrange for return gifts, within your budget. Gifts make a lasting impression and will connect you better.
  8. Plan a holiday with all the people at the party, anytime when it is feasible for everyone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Enjoy your Holiday time.. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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