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I lost my data! My pendrive is not working!! My memory card is not working!!! How do I recover the lost data!!! Agrrrrrhhh!

You must have been through a situation where you bought accessories to store your memories, you needed to free up some space in your laptop so you transferred some of your most valuable photos in your pen-drive and felt so good carrying such memories in your pocket and one bad day arrives, you plug your drive in your pc and it doesn’t even recognize it! It doesn’t show any files, all your memories… are lost?!

The people in business of recovering your lost data know that you are emotionally connected with the data and they might charge you a lot, you would feel worth it paying for recovering such valuable memories but sometimes it’s not too hard to recover the data. Sometimes it happens that your pen-drive or memory card is not readable at all, that accessory loose its utility and you can only think of throwing it away. There are many other small reasons and glitches in your system that might hamper the utility of your data devices. Why not give your devices/data a first aid? If it solves the problem it would be awesome, if it doesn’t anyway you have tried your level best!

You can try this first aid.

Device is not detected – This happens when your drive is not readable or writable.

Problems that might be causing this –

  1. The software that controls the drive is not up-to-date

In the task bar, go to the icon which seems like an up arrow mark, click on that and right click on the icon that appears after you insert the drive, click on Devices and Printers and from the Devices header, right click on your device, go to properties, select your device from the list, click on properties, in general tab you can see “change settings” click on that, click on “Driver” tab and click on update driver.

  1. The default system is configured in such a way that it is not allowing the drive to be read

Install a anti-virus, the best one to work for free would be 360 security, after installing antivirus, insert your drive again, this time if you are lucky it will ask you to repair your drive or will automatically repair it for the system to read.

  1. The port you are using is not working properly

The place where you are inserting your pen-drive must not be working properly, try other ports, try removing your keyboard or mouse wire and attach your pen-drive there, see if that works.

  1. The system is busy with other processes

This will just require a reboot.

Advance solutions – (This will also help you solve problems like – not able to format the memory card or pendrive, drives malfunctioning and getting more details about the data in your device before opening it)

For this process you will need DISKPART which is already in your windows system. Follow the process.

Removing read-only attribute and formatting

  • cmd> diskpart
  • New window opens, give admin rights
  • DISKPART> list disk
  • DISKPART> select disk 1
  • DISKPART> attributes disk (read-only attribute shows – Yes)
  • DISKPART> detail disk (to see details)
  • DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
  • DISKPART> attributes disk (now the read-only attribute should show – No)


  • Formatting (same till 1b)
  • DISKPART> clean
  • DISKPART> create partition primary
  • DISKPART> select partition 1
  • DISKPART> active
  • DISKPART> format fs=fat32 quick –
  • DISKPART> assign
  • DISKPART> exit
  • Exit from every cmd opened for diskpart and check partition


Once you are successful in this task, i.e. the card is readable and writable, you can recover your lost data with third party softwares.

You can use these softwares to get your data problems solved –,,

Hope you learned something important, may be you solved your drive/device/data problems by yourself and saved your hard money! Share your experience in our comments section.

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