Best street food in india

Best street food in India

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Best street food in india

Nowadays people do all they can to keep their diet in check, they try to avoid anything or
everything which doesn’t fit their strict diet patterns. But it all just changes with a stroll through
the street, you are focused, minding your own business then all of a sudden you smell freshly
prepared samose, your head just automatically turns and its ‘Game Over’. You are a person with
strong commitment, par yaha tu pighal gya. Being an Indian, we just love our street food.
There’s just something special about the tempting aroma of street food that tickles the taste buds
tourists and natives alike.

We are divided by culture, religions believe but we are united by our love for street food. Our
food represents our culture and India is just filled with a diversity of both, let’s see what the
streets from different parts of India can offer us.

1. Hyderabad

The city of Hyderabad is just a paradise for non-vegetarian Foodies, the city is home to many
historic street food stalls, few dating back to 18th Century. Hyderabadi Biryani is as famous all
over the country as much as The Charminar itself. But that’s not all the city street had to offer,
South Indian delicacies, Mirchi bhajis and a large variety of Mughlai cuisine. You must add
Banjara Hills and areas near Charminar for your next visit to the city.

2. Kolkata

Kolkata, The city of Culture and heaven for foodies with a sweet tooth. Bengali Sweets are
famous all around the country. Apart from that street of Kolkata has to offer a lot. Spicy curries,
traditional Tibetan, and Chinese food. Streets of Kolkata has so much to offer that it will just
leave you baffled.

3. Amritsar

amritsar tasty food

Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala and what not, this is all the gift of Punjabis to all foodies.
Amritsar being the Food Capital of Punjab is unarguably have best to offer. Langar Food, Galli
Food and Punjab de Dhabe, the Golden City have something for every kind of the foodie, from
Ahuja ki lassi to Mame Da Dhaba, So next time you want to explore good north Indian food just
be Punjabi and visit Amritsar.

4. Ahmedabad

What Hyderabad and Lucknow are for Non-Vegetarians, Ahmedabad is for the Vegetarians
foodies. Dhokla, Fafda, Thepla, Khakhra, these all are the Gujarati delicacies which can be found
in every corner of the capital city. Indu Ben ka Khakra to Asharfi Ni Kulfi, this city has a large
variety of Street food to choose from. As I said most of these food items are loved by vegetarian

5. Mumbai

Mumbaaaaiiiii…… The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. And to feed these hard
working Mumbaikars, there are food stalls all over the city with a variety of food items to choose
from. Mumbai is famous for its street food not only in India but around the world. The city is
filled with food stall for different sizes but that doesn’t stop the people from gathering around to
have their favorite food. From Anand’s golden Vada pav to firni to Spicy Frankie, Mumbai is
just filled with mouth-watering food items waiting for you in not so fancy looking places but you
won’t be disappointed.

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