Vizag Getaway | Kailasagiri - Best Destination in Vizag

Vizag Getaway | Kailasagiri – Best Destination in Vizag

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Best Destination in Vizag – Kailasagiri:

kilasgiri is one of the Best Destination in Vizag Perched at 360 feet on the hilltop, Kailsagiri park overlooks the scenic beauty of Vizag in bird’s eye view of the entire bay of Bengal.

kailasagiri-park enterance best vizag hangout place

The Big signature put up on the hill is eye-catching for tourists all across places.The park is open for public at a very minimal charge and is at the heart of the city making it feasible to hop on any public transport.It takes almost 2 Hours to visit the end to end of kailasgiri park .
Capture the panoramic view of the city on your camera lens, chilling the peaceful atmosphere and scenic beauty. There are lots of leisure activities for kids and elders, which is one of the reasons why families throng into the park.kailasgiri is one such park which attracts tourists both in the morning and evenings. While, one can witness blue coast across the city ..spotting ships and boats set to sail, with colorful birds flying over the city.
The evenings are merrier with lights lit up and addressing the visitors with lights, giving a delightful sight.This is the reason kilasgiri is the best destination in vizag.

Ropeway to kailasgiri:

rope way in kailasgiri vizag

The ropeway from tennati to hilltop is one of the major attractions for tourists. While climbing up the hill it gives a breathtaking view of the beautiful roads across lush greenery.


Lord Shiva and Parvati:


The Huge idols of Shiva and Parvati have been constructed during the early days of development of kailasgiri and they stand tall in attracting the crowd to view the enthralling idols on top. Visitor and tourists believe that Lord Shiva and Parvati protect the city of destiny by standing above the place.
There is umpteen eateries available hilltop, offering mouth-watering snacks to spend a pleasant evening with your family and friends. The place is not overly crowded due to the wide greenery hilltop.

Toy Train:

Toy train in kailasgiri

The toy train which runs around the park is one of the favorite activities children like to do. it is beautifully illuminated by colorful lights at night.

Telugu Museum:


Catch the Telugu language’s splendid heritage at the museum set at kailasgiri. It showcases the historical significance and evolution of the Telugu language.The KALAMKARI Artworks The museum is beautifully painted with wooden works and sculptures.

Come’ Visit Kailasagiri any time of the day and witness the nature’s delight of sight.


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