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Chitchat with Prash…

Name: Prash

DOB: 9th Feb 1992

Education: Engineering in Australia

Native: Vizag

First Movie: Inkenti Nuvve Cheppu.


Why did you choose Movies as a career?

I studied Pre-Medicine but never had interest in it as I wanted to be an actor. I was passionate about choosing acting as a career and realized it will be too late by the time I complete medicine. So, there I switched to Engineering in Australia, completed it and started to work in movies during my final year of Engineering.

Are your Parents Supportive?

I have been travelling a lot since my childhood and never lived in one country for more than a year. Everything kept changing with time, but the only thing remained unchanged is my Passion for acting in Telugu Cinema. My Family knows how much I love Telugu Cinema and they are very supportive of it. I had an opportunity to go to Hollywood and explore, but I wanted to come and do Telugu movies 🙂

What is Your Next Movie?

Jaadu – Director Ravi Sharma

How much effort does it take to become a hero?

Honestly, I have seen a lot of newcomers choose this career for fun and think it is easy to become an actor. If we are really passionate about acting then we should put in a lot of effort.
I try and learn all the skills required to become the character inreal life. Like, my next film is based on magic and illusions. There are a lot of card tricks, hand tricks and I am getting trained and trying to learn all those tricks to perform them on my own. I believe that acting includes everything done by yourself which connects the audience to the film.

What are your Hobbies?

I love dancing. I am a choreographer and have trained people for 5 years in dance studios. It gives me immense pleasure letting myself dance to the beats of music.
I do rock climbing, scuba diving and playing the guitar.🙂

Prash boddeti tollywood hero

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