7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat

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It’s the beginning of April and I already feel the sun has taken over his Duty to shine for the next few months. I should be used to the weather conditions here, The scorching heat of summer as also taught me lessons and gained little expertise on how to face the sun and taking care of my body during this raising temperatures time.so, before you plan to stay indoors and give up on the summer, behold!! There’s a way of relief. We have 7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat

Let’s Get Started

  If you can, Avoid outdoors between 11.00 am to 2.00 pm

7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat-indoors

Try and avoid midday sun, typically between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm. Sun is at its most direct during this time of the day. But if you have to head out during that time, make sure you Wear sunblock at least 15 minutes before you step out. Carry a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the UV rays of the sun and try to stay in the shade. Carry a Bag with essentials during summer to keep yourself safe from the scorching heat.

Know the signs

7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat- stroke

Pay attention to the symptoms and signals your body sends you during summer. When you are getting overheated, Feeling nausea, headache, weakness and fatigue. These signs show you have to cool your body at the earliest. Any time u feel these signals, cool your body by drinking water and damp the body with a wet towel.These symptoms are likely to occur if you are active out in the heat, but if you live in a place where your body is not used to high temperatures and are out and about, watch for them too.
PS: Never jump in a pool or hop into a tub. you should relax your body and bring the temperature down.

Drink plenty, drink often.

healthy water

I’m talking about drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. Water is the best to keep your body cool during summers. Kepp water as your first choice to drink whenever you are thirsty. Also, to get energy boost you may have the juice of seasonal fruits which can drink instantly. Include a lot of water content fruits in your diet every day. And if you wish to feed your kids, make fresh fruit juice and they will love to drink it. It is recommended not to buy fruit juice at the store, as it comes with lots of preservatives. Make it a habit to carry a little water bottle with you when you head out of the home.

 Don’t exercise outside when it’s super hot.7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat-exercise

Don’t even think of doing such an act. Exercising is a good way to keep yourself fit, however, it is recommended to never workout outside during summer time. Working out usually increases the temperature of the body, and when it is already so hot outside, it immediately affects the blood circulation of body and chances are there your heart rate increases. So, Keep in the mind to exercise either early morning before sunshine or after sunset.

Protect your Skin7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat-sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen, If I could offer one tip for your future, Sunscreen would be it. Whether your complexion if Fair, dark, dusky, wheatish, No matter what complexion you have, wear sunscreen. It will protect your skin from getting affected by the heat of summer. Applying sunscreen prevents skin cancer, skin discolourations and premature wrinkles. It also makes your skin stay cool. Sunburns decrease the body’s ability to cool itself, which is dangerous in hot temperature. But using an SPF of 30 at least, you are less likely to burn and more likely to keep cool for longer. If you are sceptical about using chemical based sunblocks, try pure aloe vera gel to your face and body exposed to sunlight.

Dress for the weather.

7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat

You don’t have to sacrifice your style, it just means you need to wear the right clothes for hot days and choose colors which are stylish and yet happy on your body during summer. Try new styles with accessories like big hat, vibrant colours clothes and polarised shades. Aah!! You will still be a rocking fashionista, but now a cool fashionista.

Know what to do, when you feel Heat illness7 Hacks To Take Care Of Your Body In The Summer Heat-howto

Besides taking all the measures to keep your body fit during summer and if you still feel heat illness when you are out in sun.Then get in the shade or indoors immediately. remove excessive clothing and wear loose clothes, when your body and damp wet towels or ice packs on your neck, wrists and face. You should feel relaxed after you do these and if the sense of heat and nausea still persists, talk to your doctor immediately, as there could be chances of heat stroke.

These are the 7 easy hacks to include in your day during summer. Keep yourself Healthy and stay happy during this heating season.!!

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