12 Things To Do Before 2017 Ends!

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12 Things To Do Before 2017 Ends!

So everyone around you is obsessed with making resolutions, The jingle bells ring to say it’s December. Unlike ‘Promises’, resolutions are meant to be broken.why wait for the New Year to do something you always wanted to, or bring about some change in your life? You have 12 days left before 2018 kicks in, and trust me, that’s enough.
Let’s get started and see those 12 things you should try and do to make the most of 2017, While it lasts!

Sleep On Time: 10 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-sleep early

Early to Bed, early to rise, Yes, even if you are a night owl, get back to your childhood days and sleep on time. Make this habit to be a Happy morning person and head afresh to your work or college

Exercise/ Yoga And Stay Hydrated:12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-activity Physical activity is the best companion for us, with hustle bustle throughout the day, we often neglect to take care of health. Start by exercising or doing any physical activities more often or practicing yoga and make it a routine.

Drink plenty of water, Keeping body hydrated gives healthy body and beautiful skin. Toxins flush out by drinking water that is sufficient for your body. Drink water at least once in 30 minutes when you are at work/college.

Deep Clean Your Space Or Room:12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-cleanroom

Start your NEW YEAR organized. Clean the mess in your room, your workstations, arrange your wardrobes and set your bed as an when u wake up. This habit keeps u organized and makes you feel good about yourself.

Donate To Charity/Set A Bird Free:  donations

Clean your wardrobes and give your old unused clothes to charity.Remember, Givers are winners, So, contribute to somebody in.need.

Seeing caged birds and animals is a very sad sight to see, buy birds from some petshop and set them free.

Clean Your Society/Colony:

Cleaning begins at home, gather your neighbors or friends and clean your society area. Raise awareness among everyone not to dump garbage on roads, and maintain tidiness in the area. Trust me!! You will enjoy the work once you have initiated.

Learn Basic Cooking / Or Try A New Recipe: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-cooking

The way to man’s heart is through the stomach“, a popular quote. Well, our purpose of survival is for food and we should at least know the basic cooking techniques to stay healthy. If you are a novice chef, then get on to blogs and try your hand at basic cooking sessions.
If you are a well-renowned chef, then cook some mouthwatering dish for your family or friends and get showered with compliments.

Finish Reading A Book: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-reading

The best break from this digital world is, reading books! Yes, you read it right, grab a book if you have one, or borrow from one of your geek friend’s, choose your genre of interest and start reading it. Make it a point to finish before the new year. You will empower yourself with knowledge.

Visit Your Doctor Or Dentist: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-dentist

It is always advised to visit your doctors at least once a year, however, a visit to a dentist is something we should not neglect. As we eat food around the year and happy teeth are important for us, So, fix an appointment with your Doc and plan a visit.

Treat Yourself To A Spa Day: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-spaa Body cleaning and relaxing should always top the list of our priorities, a healthy body and mind is the key. Treat yourself at a spa session. Get body cleansed with a pedicure, manicure. you will feel rejuvenated after a visit to a spa and salon.

Host A Dinner For Your Friends And Familytrick yourself into sleeping early-party

December is The month of holidays and parties. Call back your old friends or cousins in town and plan a house party at home and self-cook with them. Cooking is one such activity which is loads of fun and keeps people bonded. Plan for some activities later and wind up the day with sumptuous dinner.

Travel Fund: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-travels

Travel the world, Plan to visit at least one new place a year, this reason will keep you exciting at work and cuts off your unnecessary expenses.Start making it a point to save up some amount for your travel. Share this idea with your dear ones as well and plan a holiday.

Send Out Thank You Notes: 12 Things You Have To Do Before 2017 Ends-thanks

We have to acknowledge for the good deeds that happened to us. So, make a list of people you met, someone who helped during your low time and send out thank you notes, do it at least through an email card or a text message. But before that, thank you, Parents, Family, Best friends and your doctors.

By the time you finish these tasks… Voila!! We have a NEW YEAR awaiting!!

Get Set To Welcome The Year With Lots Of Hope And Fortune!!

Do write to us what you have done before We greet 2018!!

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