Link your Aadhar card with your Mobile Number (SIM) at home

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Link yourAadharCardwith Your Sim at Home

A very good news for all the telecom service users out there! Now you can link your aadhar card with your sim card even at home, no need to visit the gallery or shop to get the job done.

As we know the extended date and last date to get your aadhar linked with your sim is 31st march 2018, the authorities have taken a good initiative to ease the process, expecting the job must get done. So did you link yours? If no then this is the time.

14546 is the helpline number to get aadhar and sim linked. This number is not universal, it may or may not work with your telecom service provider. Airtel, Idea and Vodafone have started granting service and are available for help. There are few known exceptions about Jio and Aircel. Aircel is not yet offering the facility, Jio is one step ahead of all having the user’s aadhar card number at the time of buying the Jio sim, so if you are a Jio user, you can relax.

Below are the quick steps you need to go through to get your aadhar linked with your sim sitting home.

  1. Dial 14546
  2. Confirm your citizenship (its an automated call, just dial numbers to select)
  3. Confirm you want to link your aadhar card with your mobile number
  4. Enter your aadhar card number
  5. Confirm the last 4 digits of your aadhar number
  6. Get a text message for OTP on the registered number
  7. Allow the operator to access your personal info details from UIDAI records by entering your mobile number
  8. Confirm the last 4 digits of your mobile number
  9. Enter the OTP and press 1
  10. Read the success message. Feel secured. You are done!

Linking of aadhar card with your mobile number is a safety measure. There has been usage of mobile numbers for illegal transactions, crime. People buy as many sims they want and throw them once the job is done which results in unidentified criminals etc. It is a very good step by the authorities. Do get your number linked before 31st march 2018. If you fail to, your number may be disconnected and you would have to get another number. If you want your existing number to exist, follow our easy steps and relax.

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