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Sree karthikeya

Sree Karthikeya
Age: I am 22, will turn 23 on 3rd July.

Your first movie?
Child actor in Janaki Weds Sriram

How you enter into cinema field?
My dad is an executive manager for 32 yrs in the Industry. For Janaki Weds Sriram, the crew was looking for a child actor. They approached my dad and that is how I got an opportunity.
How did you develop an interest in Movies?
Well, When I did child characters, I never knew what it was about. Later, as I grew up, I started showing interest in movies and realized, acting is my passion and that will be my career further.
I started learning Bharatanatyam, cinematic fights, gymnastics and used to practice acting at home.
I groomed myself to become a versatile actor.
So, when is your debut as a Hero?
I have signed a couple of movies and completed. They are yet to release.
Can we know the title of the movies?
Sure, “Itlu Anjali” will be my debut movie as a hero and the remaining two movies titles will be announced soon.

Any other languages you worked for?
I worked in Telugu and Tamil.

About Debut movie and the character.
“Itlu Anjali” is Directed, Produced and written by Naveen Mannela.It is a thriller, intense love story and the plot revolves around a letter written.
I play a software engineer character. It has all the emotions: comedy, drama and it is a wholesome entertainer.

About the Heroines who worked with you.
There are two actresses in the current movie, I am working with. Shubhandi panth and Himansee chowdary. They have crucial roles in the screenplay and It has been an amazing experience to work with them.

What is your future goal?
I Want to be a star actor.

Who is your favourite actor or actress?
Ans: I respect and admire every actor in the film industry.Because it takes a lot of hard work to reach a high position. They are unique in their style. For me, I admire everyone. 🙂

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