10 Things Very Important In A Relationship

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Being in a relationship is a different thing and staying in a relationship is a different thing. There are many things that decide whether or not the relationship will be successful. Below are the 10 important things that will help you having a very successful relationship.

10 Things Very Important In A Relationship

    1. Respect – If you are truly in love with your partner, the respect will come from your heart automatically. When we are new and don’t know each other deeply, the love that we call love is just an attraction. True love is when you know the person in and out and still respect them for their opinions and thoughts. We often make a big mistake of expecting the person to be of our views, we trade respect for the difference of opinions. Loss of respect for one another in a relationship is not a good sign. Love without respect fades away.. .  . 
    1. Appreciation – Don’t leave a chance to appreciate your partner. We take good things for granted. We point out the mistakes thinking love will not lose its place but eventually the gap increases and we fall into it. Small things of everyday life can be observed and appreciated. Don’t add appreciation to your to-do-list but whenever you feel to, don’t avoid it.
    2. Equality – If you feel you are inferior or superior than your partner then you are not in the right place in your relationship. Both should see each other at equal level. Neither anyone should feel insecure nor should one take other for granted. Whether you are earning more or are unemployed or had a big success or a big failure, you are equal on the scale of your relationship. 
    3. Freedom – Don’t be clingy. Your partner is yours, but not literally! You don’t own them. Love for freedom is bigger than the freedom to love. If you make the other person feel they are bounded or they are under your boundaries then they might lose respect for you. The more you try to come close the more you’ll go far away. What belongs to you will always be yours, relax.
    4. No doubts – Don’t leave space for doubts! When you feel something is wrong, don’t overthink, sit down and clear things. Don’t make a mistake of assuming things. Assumptions in a relationship is devastating! 
    5. Expressing love when possible – This would be your romantic time you spend with your partner. There is no bad time to express love. From a stolen kiss to a smiley sauce to a love letter or anything, express it in your own lovely way.
    6. Support – When we are looking for a partner, we often consider ourselves in the place who needs support, we expect the support from our partner. When your partner’s happiness is your happiness, you automatically give the required support. Care for your partner’s happiness and the support system will make its way from both the sides.
    7. Surprise factor – Don’t be boring. Keep trying new things, surprise each other with new things. It may be your behavior, your hidden side, or anything that will keep things fresh. As a couple you both must grow together, find out things that make you happy together, do things for each other that were not expected. Know each other well but let there be a surprise factor.
    8. Encouragement – Bad time comes in everyone’s life. It is your responsibility as a partner to give your partner enough courage and strength and bring them on track. Let the main cause behind their strength at their time of weakness be you. When they come out of their hard time let them feel, it wouldn’t be possible without you…
    9. Trust – Trust is at last, at the bottom because it is the foundation. Everything above is the outcome of this main factor, Trust! Nothing will workout without trust and loyalty.

Hope you will apply these things in your relationship to make it more stronger, smoother and eternal…

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