10 Things to be a Happy Traveller

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Travelling is all about an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life, every once in a while.Earn Memories with your fellow travelers and places you visit.Every new place visited charges up the person and makes him learn new things about life. Travelling is not just all about visiting good places or buying souvenirs back home… It is about making memories of the place captured in soul and mind.
Many Travellers focus more on key things like place, stay, Food and Money spent. They tend to forget the minimal basics which make their trip merrier. Remember, a Happy traveler leaves a positive impact on the environment and also the locals who live at the places we choose to visit.
We shall List out some basic, important things to pack and do on your next trip.

10 Things to be a Happy Traveller

  1. Pack your Bag,  Medicines, plan your outfits in prior, extra cameras battery, chargers, sufficient cash, and cards.
  2.  Identification Handy, Carry an extra photocopy of all your travel documents and ID proofs.
  3. Talk to the locals, Inquire the locals regarding, feasible public transportation, best restaurants, places to visit during your stay.
  4. Contribute to their economy, any place you visit gives economy to the locals, making their lives better.Buy local food, souvenirs and learn about the culture and heritage of the place and respect them.
  5. Greet Sun and Moon, Nature knows its warmth, and every single day is beautiful. Set up with your fellow mates to watch Sunrise and sunset along with your dear ones. Gaze the stars and moon in the nightfall during your stay.
  6. Look through your eyes, Yes, Visualising the place through your eyes is the best you can do for yourself, Don’t engrave yourself in photography and miss out the real essence of the place. Travelling is not all about photography.However, Don’t miss out on getting few Photos clicked best dressed at beautiful locations along with your dear ones to reminiscent the fond memories.  photography-through eyes
  7. Learn the local phrases, convey a simple note, “Please”,”thank you”, “Happy” “Good-Bye” would go a long way and boost up their ethics and can be more courteous to other travelers as well. 
  8. Eat your stomach, relish the local dishes which is soothing to your platter. Consuming sumptuous meals without control may affect your appetite.good food during travel
  9. Help Protect the environment, It takes a lot of effort to attract tourists, a tidy and non-polluted location gathers a lot of people to visit. So, Keep the city clean and do not litter.
  10. Say NO to Donating alms, many locals assume them to be looked down when they are given alms such as old clothes, sweets, and money. It is a sign of encouragement for them to be dependent and start begging. So, check with the locals before doing such charity acts.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine
Set out on a travel, Explore places meet new people and find yourself happy and cherish the memories all life. Happy Travelling

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